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How is a jammer considered legal?

Hi, Do you know the rules of jammers?

asked Mar. 20 '20 at 14:15


The manager of an online store said: "The jammer sells very well among individuals." Buying a lot of them gets them for different reasons: "Used in public transport or public places. We also came across wanting children to sleep Parents who ca n’t communicate, or teachers who want to wipe out laptops in the classroom. ”It ’s against the law no matter how reasonable it is. So we need to be familiar with the rules of jammers as soon as possible

One press officer, Jean-François Hernández, was said to recall that "France prohibits wave interference." With one exception, it involved "places of punishment and theaters". "This is not an arbitrary decision. Maître Frédéric Forster, a lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeals, explained that the law prohibits the use of jammers." It is forbidden to interfere with the frequency of telephone operators. They are the only ones who can use them. They also pay for it. He continued: "In fact, interference with radio frequencies harms the interests of operators and blocks other people's signals, which is a very unfriendly thing."

According to the merchant we contacted on the scene, "Even if the use of portable jammer is allowed, they can be sold. The use is controlled." Even if we make a good faith statement, do not question the current law. When we entered the site's GTC (General Sales Conditions), we realized that it didn't ignore the law and clearly pointed out articles related to GSM jammers. However, the store added that the use of the jammer needs to be legally used in conjunction with the local environment. "

In the case of a general user defendant, the buyer cannot be spared. Counsel added that he was "guilty of teaching assistants". In this way, he suffers the same fine as the seller for "interference, frequency of use, radio equipment or installations", so I'm sorry that you need to better understand local policies and laws.