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The US military will deploy a new type of ground communication jammer

It is said that the United States spends a lot of money on the communication jammer, and then developed a very powerful terrestrial communication jammer, and it has completed the most basic tests.

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The anti-communication system was first introduced in 2004. The updated version called CCS Block 10.2 has been tested. Washington-The US military will deploy a new type of ground communications jammer to prevent adversary satellite communications. The counter communication system was first introduced in 2004. Space and Missile confirmed on February 3 that the updated version called CCS Block 10.2 has been tested and will be used for the first time in 2020. The system center is in SpaceNews' statement.

CCS is operated by the 4th Space Control Squadron of the 21st Space Wing of the US Space Force at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. Ground operators use the system to temporarily deny adversaries access to satellite broadcasting. Over the years, the Air Force has improved CCS through new frequency bands and other technological updates. The 10.2 upgrade includes more advanced software that has been developed for five years. L3Harris won the contract of CCS Block 10.2 in 2014.

Lieutenant Colonel Steve Brogan, head of combat system equipment at the Space and Missile System Center, said in a press release from Peterson Air Force Base on January 31: "CCS is the only offensive system in the US Space Force's arsenal. "In 2004, the US Air Force deployed the 30.0 Counter Block 10.0 communication system for the first time to respond to other countries’ electronic warfare systems that are interfering with US satellites. The impact is reversible. The drone jammer is used as a non-destructive electronic weapon, which can offset the opponent's ability to communicate.

The Block 10.1 system, also developed by L3Harris, was launched in 2014. The 10.1 block consists of seven jammer systems. SMC stated that CCS Block 10.2 "is expected to achieve initial operability in the near future." Block 10.2 consists of 16 systems. SMC stated in the press release that "Each step provides important functions." Update Box 10.2 as needed to accommodate the use of evolving satellite communications opponents.

As part of the latest CCS 10.2 contract in 2014, L3Harris 2020 will provide systems to the Air National Guard in California, Colorado, Florida and Hawaii, as well as four space control squadrons. SMC said that for future CCS upgrades, SMC and 21 Wing will switch to a new "agile method for software development and deployment."