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GPS jammer hides your location

Perfectjammer 2022/08/15

  If you've never used a GPS jammers before, it's worth emphasizing that the device is designed to cut off signals from GPS devices. The gps signal jammer perfectly blocks the transmission of the gps signal and gps to prevent the gps device from detecting your specific location.

GPS jammer hides your location

  Depending on the type and model, gps jammers have different technical specifications, so we recommend that you study the technical characteristics carefully before purchasing. Each cell phone jammer has a different interception radius, from 3 meters to 100 meters positive, and nearby GPS devices can work. In addition, the GPS interceptor is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which can be used for a long time without interruption when fully charged.

  In order to detect the function of the GPS jammer, please download the GPS signal detection software to test the shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test;

  GPS jammers can also have different designs. So you have a choice of portable or handheld gps jammers and desktops. When ordering, you need to decide if you want to use it in one place or a different place, you can take all the time you want to take with you under protection, then you need to buy a portable GPS jammer, small, light, and easy to carry with you GPS signal blocker is very convenient, and there is also a GPS signal blocker, which can block multiple signal types, one can block gps signal, mobile phone signal CDMA/GSM (860-970MHz), DCS/PHS (1805-1930MHz) and jammers for 3G signals (2110-2170MH).

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8341CA-4-KT Desktop Mobile Phone Jammer Power Adjustable 4 Bands

Power Adjustable Jammer

This product has a power adjustment function, according to the need to adjust the jamming range. At the same time with remote control function, no need to personally open the switch. The equipment can be used in conference rooms, gas stations, hospitals, theaters, recording studios, banks, churches, classrooms, houses, etc.


Portable  Jammer

The latest review of powerful handheld jamming devices

1. Worry about installed wireless eavesdropper or tracking locator in the car or office. 2.Worry about electromagnetic radiation leakage in household appliances like microwave ovens; 3.Worry about installed candid devices to reveal personal privacy in hotels during travelling...

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