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How to keep us safe from malicious WiFi hotspots

Recently, I saw on the Internet that the free Wi-Fi hotspots around us are not secure and sometimes maliciously steal our personal information. How do I keep myself safe?!

asked Mar. 23 '20 at 02:15


Recently, free WiFi hotspots have suddenly appeared in many places, mainly in hotels, restaurants, airports, etc. equipped with free wifi jammer hotspots. Although the technology gives us a lot of convenience, they will mean that all passengers will get free, fast Wi-Fi internet access when taking a taxi, the only difference is that you will see a 15 second ad and then get 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi, but that's how they stole our information during those 15 minutes.

There are places such as airports, and their entire WiFi system is very easy to access: 3G / 4G compatible Mi-Fi access points will be installed in these cabins, and the device will share 3G or 4G mobile Internet via Wi-Fi, which will Very convenient because you will be able to browse the web on the go without getting bored. But here I am telling you. This can be dangerous for you, the easier things are often the most dangerous.

In fact, there are thousands of Wi-Fi hackers, and even if you don't have specific skills or knowledge, wireless networks can be cracked. Another point here is that Google recently created an API that can be used for Wi-Fi browsing, and thanks to these new mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi tracking will become very easy.

In this case, I think you will try to find defenses to protect yourself from the potential threats these free Wi-Fi hotspots can pose. You should know that they can get stuck. Wi-Fi uses a frequency of 2.4 GHz, and you can use a portable Wi-Fi blocker to ensure overall security!

Thank you for your question, I hope I can help you!