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Can you tell me more about the hacker?

Hello there! It was seen in recent automotive technology newspapers that the Megamos encryption algorithm for encrypted passwords is transmitted between the car anti-theft gadgets and the car itself. Is this really dangerous, because if I remember correctly, it will be used in luxury cars such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley.

2020-11-30 at 12:30


Yes, this encryption algorithm is used for the security of luxury cars, because it is the latest and most secure car alarm encryption algorithm. First of all, we have already written at Perfectjammer that by default, any wireless car alarm is vulnerable to attack because it uses radio signals to lock and unlock the car, and any radio signal can be intercepted. This is how the code collectors used in car alarms work. They simply get the code and resend it to the car immobilizer, so the receiver will think that the signal is sent through the car alarm accessory. We recommend that you avoid using wireless methods to control your car, especially iOS or Android applications can control the car. They are indeed dangerous because they use widely spread frequencies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with cars and are more vulnerable than ordinary car alarms. In addition, modern smart phones may also be hacked. Therefore, if you want to protect your car from password hijackers, you need a gps jammer, which will block the password hijacker’s signal and car anti-theft gadgets, and will definitely protect your vehicle.