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GPS jammer can get rid of other people's tracking and positioning?

GPS tracking is now widely used in schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, government departments and other public places. It can bring many benefits to our daily lives. At the same time, the downside is that many people claim to use GPS tracking devices to get to know other people. Confidentiality or privacy so that they can easily achieve their malicious goals. In this case, can I use a GPS jammer to protect my privacy?

2021-01-07 at 10:30


Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has been around for a long time-it has been so widely used that we take it for granted. If you don’t have a GPS navigation system in your car, you may have something similar on a separate Garmin or TomTom device or on your mobile phone. What you may not know is how many other seemingly unrelated systems rely on GPS signals, and how easily they fall into chaos. The core of GPS is a constellation of approximately 30 satellites in earth orbit (the number of satellites in operation varies). At any time on earth, at any given time, at least six will be in the sky, from horizon to horizon. Each satellite has a very precise atomic clock and a radio that transmits time signals.

If you are worried about your privacy being compromised, you should buy a gps jammer to protect your privacy. It can effectively block mobile GPS devices. This antenna is the best choice for mobile GPS jammers. It cannot find out your location and protect your privacy. This jammer general signal is a signal specially designed for prisons, guards, guardians, etc. Or you can seek help for some special tasks.