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What is wifi jammer working principle?

I learned about wifi jamming devices on the Internet, and I'm going to buy one. But I don't know what's working principle of this device. Is it harmful to the human?

asked Jun 29 '18 at 15:25


Hi, Daniel
WiFi Jammer is one of the many types of signal jammers created to help people solve different problems coming from radio signals and wireless connections.
The device works by emitting a signal of the same frequency band to cancel out or override the wireless signal.

As we all know, with the development trend of mobile phones and smart phones, the popularity of mobile phones has made more and more people own mobile phones and use mobile phones, causing key harm to others without civilized behavior concepts. Therefore, this mobile phone can block uncivilized personal behavior, make the surrounding environment quieter, and bring a better atmosphere to everyone's reading. More and more colleges and universities are installing 5G cell phone jammers, which can block all cell phone data signals at their jobs thanks to cell phones. Not only in China, but also in the United States, France, Germany and other western developed countries, colleges, people's courts, prison cells, etc. have also installed signal jammers one after another.

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