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How many frequency bands does WiFi jammer have?

For areas where the shielding range is far away, can WiFi jammers meet our requirements?


There are many different wifi jammers available for users. Some of these models are portable versions that you can put in your pocket at any time. Others are larger and require a wired connection to work. Wifi jammers differ from each other in the type and range of signals they block. Wifi can be used on two different types of frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 2.4GHz is by far the most popular, so you will see most jammers blocking this type. However, 5GHz is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, if you want comprehensive protection, then you should find a device that covers both. Another difference between wifi jammer products is how far they block the signal. The most popular model is a relatively short range. Usually, they cover a blocked area of ​​fifteen to twenty meters. However, if you want to cover a large area with interference signals, then you will need a more powerful model. Fortunately, some of the more expensive models can cover up to 250 meters in interference signals. If you want to explore some different types of wifi jammers, be sure to check our selection here.