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Are cell phone jammers legal in schools?

Lucy C. May 3, 2018 19:13

In order to reduce noise pollution, a new source of interference with normal work orders. With the popularization of mobile phones, the use environment of meeting rooms, courts, libraries, schools and other places has further deteriorated. The noise and serious atmosphere generated by mobile phones affect people's normal work performance. Give and destroy the tranquility of these places. A new type of man-made criminal interference, affecting social stability.

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The fact that some opportunistic people use terrorists and hostiles, and some mobile phones use explosive bombs, mobile phones cheat and cheat, chances that mobile phone numbers are criminals as criminal tools will affect the social stability of phone jammers. The company has developed a mobile phone signal jammer that can effectively solve the above problems. Security information, such as the electronic fence network that prevents the mobile phone from receiving data, forms a new product that should protect the specific electromagnetic signal of the base station's gene locus. The interference generated by the mobile phone is impossible to eliminate the negative impact and establish a connection with the base station.

The signal interference of this high-end mobile phone is special signal interference such as school identification. Taking into account the specific use of special schools, the jammer has the following functions and is specifically designed for the customized development of product schools.

The built-in antenna design eliminates the possibility of damaging the student antenna and avoids the trouble of the spiral antenna. The more accurate range is the anti-interference ability: high-end mobile phone signal interference 6 and -8 channel design, radio jammer shadow jitter, and sometimes no phenomenon shielding The completely shielded SMS message method, even if it solves the shadow problem of 3G mobile phones, the transmission base station is relatively close to the base station equipment is located in multiple classrooms. You can also use it to protect the shielded room of the mobile phone. Due to the multi-channel design, it will inevitably bring higher product costs. The ordinary mobile phone signal jammer of the communication suppression device may be inconsistent with this product. It is mainly for some high-end users. This is used in all domestic 3G and 4G frequency bands in the past. The goal is the shielding effect. In the two years since the launch of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, the only downlink interference signal has always been the electromagnetic environment that pollutes the uplink signal of green mobile operators. The super powerful jammer Impact mobile signal, including the use of sub-shielding methods.

It is now legal to use jammers in schools such as France, Japan and China. Japan and China have been using cell phone jammer for a long time. Now Europe is beginning to accept the use of jamming devices. Schools in some U.S. states are experimenting with jamming devices, and may soon be in the country.