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GPS Jammer Disrupted Our GPS Signal

Perfectjammer 2020-11-06

Security researcher Vlad Gostomelsky (Vlad Gostomelsky) has been using complex detectors across the country for eight months to find out who is using gps jammer, and why. His research shows that despite the risks, it is interesting for ordinary people to use jammers every day. He saw truck drivers trying to avoid paying tolls, employees preventing bosses from tracking their cars, high school students using them to drive drones in confined areas, even he thought they were police. Infiltrators use them to avoid queues and prove that in the wireless world, devices used to avoid detection can indeed help you find an easier way out. You just need to watch the correct channel.

I know someone bought this kind of precision jammer in the photo. I think this is more than 100 dollars shipped from China. You can use it to kill my dead AT&T iPhone. He killed his Sprint phone. He killed everything except the equipment he was trying to use. More sophisticated jammers do not cause "noise", but they record and replay pseudo-random numbers they receive from different frequencies and generate over time. People use this kind of jammer to protect their privacy without harming the city's important infrastructure. In 2009, GPS interruptions occurred at Newark Airport every day. This was ultimately attributed to the use of jammers by truck drivers, which may defeat trackers that comply with safe driving rules. Authorities and warnings, the end...this is what made me want to buy a GPS jammer. The more we are willing to follow the development of the public movement, the more we can give the government and companies the right to control and supervise. If they want to restore this power one day, it will be difficult for the public to develop.