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Block Text My Cell Phone Android

Dumont Thomas 2022-01-09

It is a well-known iron rule that mobile phones cannot be brought into the examination room; but according to common sense, Block Text My Cell Phone Android is usually installed in the examination room, even if you are lucky enough to bring a mobile phone into the examination room, it is a "brick". Under the "double insurance", the jaw-dropping scene still happened. What is the reason? According to the Nanfang Daily news on the 8th, the examination office responded to the reporter that, or because of a loophole in the 5G signal shielding, the candidate could upload the test questions on his mobile phone. The Dean of the School of Electronics and Information and the Dean of the School of Microelectronics, South China University of Technology, said that at present, communication technology is constantly being upgraded, and the 5G signal system is different from the original 4G system. Old models of interference equipment cannot completely interfere with 5G signals, and it may exist . On the afternoon of the 8th, the Hubei Provincial Radio Management Department responded to the media and stated that a special class had been formed to investigate the matter. If it was determined that the candidate used cell phone jammer equipment to transmit cheating, it would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

According to the introduction by the director of the Advanced Admissions Office of the Qingdao Recruitment Institute, two security checks are carried out for the college entrance examination. Schoolbags, etc.) are not allowed to be brought into the closed area of ​​the exam. Candidates should clean up in advance and keep their personal belongings properly. The second time is when entering the examination room, candidates should cooperate with the invigilator to check documents and prohibited items. In particular, Block Text My Cell Phone Android will be installed in the test room. If the candidate's ID card is lost, he needs to go to the public security department to apply for a temporary ID card or temporary ID card; if the admission ticket is lost, he must try to print it by himself. "As for large items such as mobile phones and watches, candidates will remember not to bring them into the closed area of ​​the exam. It is particularly important to remind that many high school students usually have the habit of using Bluetooth headsets. Once such relatively small items are left in their pockets, If you are inadvertently brought into the examination room, it is also considered cheating.” Candidates and parents are advised to check the clothing and items they are wearing before entering the examination room to avoid unintentional omission of illegal items.