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Potential Catastrophic Effects Of GPS Signal Jammers

Perfectjammer 2020-11-05

The sale and use of jammers by the police are federal crimes and can be fined. Regardless of the specific reason for each user, jammers can pose a serious threat, interfering with satellite signals that these phones use for basic systems such as telephones, airplanes, and the New York Stock Exchange. When using any of these systems, these systems may encounter trouble. The Global Positioning System sends precise time data based on 31 satellites equipped with atomic clocks; the receiver calculates its position by determining the precise distance from some of these satellites. It is used not only for navigation purposes, but also for precise timing, such as recording market transactions (time is money). gps jammer emit the same noise as satellites, so the receiver cannot receive the signal. Depending on the broadcast capacity of the jammer, the jammer may block GPS reception for several meters or kilometers.

The British government’s report warned that the UK must reduce its reliance on GPS technology for critical infrastructure and emergency services to mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of GPS signal jammers. Cabinet Secretary Oliver Dowden stated in the long-awaited Science Bureau document that the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is often referred to as a "stealth tool." “As shown in this report, it is in our national interest to recognize the exact nature and extent of our reliance on global navigation satellite systems. He wrote in the satellite report: “If GNSS fails, we must take measures to improve the availability of critical services. Flexibility, including the use of potential backup systems when needed. "When and where: Studying key dependencies (PDF).