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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Call Blocking Boxes For Cell Phones

Harris Gary 2022-01-19

First of all portable Call Blocking Boxes For Cell Phones Small size, hand-held design, can be mastered with one hand, the size is equivalent to the common walkie-talkie. Secondly, the portable cell phone jammer is easy to carry, which can be directly put into the pocket or shoulder bag, and can be hung or worn on the arm and belt; and the portable mobile phone jammer has high power, which can effectively shield all common mobile phone signals within a radius of 5-20 meters; The portable mobile phone signal jammer has good stability and exquisite ventilation and heat dissipation design. Even if it is turned on for two hours continuously, the temperature of the case will not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.

Finally, the portable Call Blocking Boxes For Cell Phones battery power supply is safe and reliable, using the world's safest lithium iron phosphate large-capacity battery, which can be recharged repeatedly, AC charging and car charging. When the working environment is more complex, the requirements for the performance of the equipment will naturally be more stringent, and after the different shielding requirements are met, the superiority of the role of the portable mobile phone jammer will naturally have a clear understanding, which is also the equipment. An intuitive representation of performance benefits. Manufacturers specializing in the production of portable mobile phone signal jammers, and can customize solutions according to your needs.