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The first practical application of a GPS signal jammer

Perfectjammer 2018-06-28

GPS Signal JammersThe first use of electronic counter-measure jamming traces back to WWII. Radar-controlled artillery were taking down a lot of Allied planes. These systems employed radar signals to lock and track aerial targets and direct anti-aircraft fire. When a critical allied operation was to take place, RF jammers were placed by resistance operatives in close proximity to these weapons. Newsreel film footage shows howitzers spinning wildly and firing randomly because of the jammers. The designers of the cannons were too arrogant to take the possibility of jamming into account so they never incorporated a “manual-override” switch.

Jamming, which means blocking or scrambling a drone's reception of a signal from a GPS satellite, can be uncomplicated, according to Dr. Todd Humphreys, the director of the Radionavigation Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin.

The officials said the equipment being used was developed by the Russian military and is very sophisticated, proving effective even against some encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers. The drones impacted so far are smaller surveillance aircraft, as opposed to the larger Predators and Reapers that often operate in combat environments and can be armed.

Jamming devices are more effective than conventional weapons

Local wifi jammer is a more direct approach, since targets may be in motion. Here, higher power levels than the initial signals when delivered at specific bands can overwhelm a receiver and block communications. Spark gaps emit noise, presenting energy in every band and at every frequency.

Four US officials told NBC News that Moscow was concerned that the US would retaliate for the attacks in rebel-held eastern Ghouta, so it began jamming the GPS systems of some smaller drones.

But the sources told NBC that Russian’s sophisticated jamming equipment, which was developed by its military, has proved to be effective even against some encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers.

China’s use of GPS jamming against US forces. GPS jamming and spoofing are often classified as “electronic warfare” by US officials instead of “cyber warfare.” We don’t understand why that is since jamming and spoofing can neutralize end use devices, cut off IT pathways, and can introduce false data into a variety of systems. Detecting and deterring GPS jamming and spoofing could be quick wins for cyber warriors.

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