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Signal jammer attacks against U.S. troops

Perfectjammer 2018-06-28

Jamming attack for GPS signalsNow it appears that North Korea, determined to drive U.S. forces off the Korean Peninsula, may have successfully jabbed at this Achilles’ Heel. Despite Pentagon denials, South Korean military reports contend that covert jammers in the North Korean hilltops likely triggered a U.S. spy plane’s “emergency landing.”

The sources say it also is unlikely that the Russian enterprises have been involved in delivering the most effective Russian equipment to Iraq, such as electronic jamming systems that could impair the U.S. air-missile strikes on Baghdad. However, the same sources say that it is likely that some Russian technicians, who used to work for the Russian military, decided to go to Baghdad on their own out of sympathy for the Iraqis.

American and allied forces are heavily affected by jamming weapons

Military officials have refused to say if the GPS has been jammed in battle. But fixes have been developed to overcome the problem. For starters, the Air Force and Navy both have electronic-warfare aircraft that were altered in the 1990s to detect GPS jams, said James Hasik, co-author of "The Precision Revolution: GPS and the Future of Aerial Warfare." Military officials also upgraded Raytheon Co.'s Harm missile so it can home in on GPS-jamming emissions, Mr. Hasik added.

Also, the military has alternative systems that can minimize the effect GPS-jamming can have on a bomb. Joint Direct Attack Munitions, which pair a GPS-guidance kit with a gravity bomb, also have a separate inertial-navigation system that is used as a primary means for finding targets, says a spokesman for Boeing Co., which makes the JDAM.

South Korean U.N. Ambassador Oh Joon said the electronic wifi jammer signals have come from five North Korean regions - Haeju, Yonan, Pyongyang, Kumgang and Kaesong - and “dangerously affect” the Global Positioning System.

South Korean military documents, obtained by the Seoul media, tell a different story. A military report to lawmakers details a U.S. military RC-7B propeller plane, outfitted with surveillance gear, ending its flight near the North Korean coastline early after jammers overcame its GPS equipment.

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