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Detection of cheating countermeasures GPS jammer GSM eavesdropping

Perfectjammer 2022/09/05

  I don‘t want to talk about this in the first place, as I‘m aiming to eradicate cheating, but for those who are worried about being suspected of cheating, these measures may be necessary. I am writing this with this in mind.

Detection of cheating countermeasures GPS jammer GSM eavesdropping

  I want you to stop hurting your feelings like cheating.It can be repaired in an unlikely event.

  In many cases, they will ask a detective agency to investigate each other's extramarital affairs. Commonly used tools in detective agencies are various types of equipment, such as recording/recording equipment, GPS equipment, etc.

  A wireless hidden camera with a recording/recording function is attached to items such as light bulbs, AC adapters, and tissue boxes to monitor the opponent‘s movements.You can pick up the screen and sound right away.In addition, it is often use for evidence gathering.Such things are usually hard to find.I don't know if they're being watched somewhere.

  If you're not paying attention to your eyes, you can easily use the countermeasure device.There are devices on the market now that can detect hidden camera signals. The device can sense the signal of a hidden camera that obtains information through radio signals.It can correctly detect hidden cameras within range, to avoid hidden camera monitoring.

  GPS devices are also commonly used by detective agencies.By secretly taping it to another car, you can see the car's trajectory clearly.This kind of equipment also has countermeasures, namely GPS jammers.GPS jammers muffle GPS recorders to avoid detection.

  I want to emphasize one thing: I want you to stop cheating.

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