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The Attorney General investigated the use of illegal GPS jammers by DOCARE officials

Perfectjammer 2022/09/08

  Honolulu (Hawaii News)-The state attorney general's office is investigating the use of illegal GPS jammers by state protection officials.

  Hawaii News Now understands that as many as 10 officers from the state's Conservation and Resources Enforcement Division are under investigation.

The Attorney General investigated the use of illegal GPS jammers by DOCARE officials

  At least one person has resigned and another has been dismissed from the police force, the source said.

  “Not only are we talking about using inappropriate equipment, but we're also violating the trust of the country,” the state representative said.Ryan Yaman.

  "These officers are supposed to be there patrolling our oceans and mountains.“

  The FTC declined to comment on whether it was investigating.The company also declined to say whether the suspect was still at work.

  These illegal devices, no larger than a car cigarette lighter, prevented DOCARE managers from tracking officers in their official vehicles when they were supposed to go to work.

  “They could be doing one of many things, being on the beach, taking a second job, or being a security agent for another company,“ said environmental activist Carol Cox.

  Hawaii News Now has learned that the attorney general‘s office has subpoenaed at least one manufacturer to find out who is buying the devices to circumvent the department‘s GPS system.

  In the past, DLNR used GPS equipment to investigate alleged overtime by DOCARE officials.

  Cox said an internal investigation in 2021 found that about a dozen officers claimed they worked overtime when their GPS systems indicated they were at home or at other jobs.

  “bad situation。It's been seeping in for a while, "Cox said.

  If that's true, Yamane said, lawmakers may call for an audit or may question the DLNR's management.