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Police suspect a jamming device on the HGV caused the ferry's GPS system to fail

Perfectjammer 2022/09/08

  Police believe suspicious equipment on two trucks may have been the cause of a GPS glitch on a fast ferry operating in the port of Rønne on the Danish island of Bornholm.

  The mysterious failure caused the Bohomslingen Fast Ferry to delay its departure by more than two hours on Thursday morning.Jesse Perack, a spokesman for the Molslinjen Ferry Company, said the failure was something the company had never experienced before.

Police suspect a jamming device on the HGV caused the ferry's GPS system to fail

  Ferry operators have asked the Danish maritime authority to allow navigation without GPS.However, ships are allowed to leave the port without GPS only if there are no passengers on board.

  Police and the shipping company‘s GPS provider were then contacted about the failure, and they both believed the cause was likely to be found on the car deck.Their assumption seems to be correct, because when the truck got off the boat, its GPS system suddenly started working again.

  It is this suspicion that there are so-called GPS jammers on the truck that can prevent the tracking equipment from working. GPS jammers are relatively simple to buy online, and are often used by truck and taxi drivers to block GPS systems to prove they‘re working longer than expected.

  In some cases, they can cause serious damage.In one extreme case reported in 2013, a truck passing through Newark Airport in the United States caused problems with the air traffic control system.

  At present, the police are investigating the matter further.