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GPS jammers are not allowed to riot

Various countries are using GPS jammers to stop the behavior of scammers and allow riots to occur?

2021-05-23 at 10:30


Schools in China and India use car gps jammer to deter scammers. Mexico does not allow riots in churches and hospitals. The main client bank wants to prevent potential hamburgers from contacting employees and plans to use the Mexican government in prisons. Pakistan was allowed to block banks and libraries. Canada believes that this situation can be avoided under similar circumstances. However, Industry Canada is responsible for overseeing telecommunications activities in Canada, saying that the device may infringe upon personal freedom and may undermine security and the public safety of law enforcement agencies, so we decided to oppose this move. Dozens of countries, including Canada, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and other countries, have allowed police and prisoners to use interference. Most countries/regions, including the United States, use jammers to restrict calls from bomb attacks on government officials. When President Obama took off on Pennsylvania Avenue after taking office, all cell phones in the area were blocked. The US military is using jamming devices to thwart Iraq’s street bombs. Of course, GPS jammer devices have other uses.

With the proliferation of smartphones, almost everyone has a cell phone. Its product communication is very convenient, and it can simply complete a lot of home communication, even WeChat video chat. But the application of mobile phone is getting more and more serious. Intelligent mobile phones have the functions of taking pictures, GPS positioning, and GPS navigation. This role is both convenient and likely to constitute a key hazard for us, in which information leakage, cell phone GPS tracking is more often on cell phones. Cell phones are for the information age, it is a major communication device and gaming entertainment machine equipment. , but the use of mobile phones needs to have a certain regularity, not all of them can be used in all places, such as talking on the phone at the gas station is prohibited.