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How Do I confuse the GPS tracking device my ex-husband put in my car

Cox Nicole 2022/09/08

  Gps tracking equipment is divided into two categories: recording and real-time. The recording device will do things like record the location on the SD card, and it needs to be retrieved to know where the saliva is.The equipment regularly uploads the recorded location data to a server somewhere in real time.

  First of all, I bet it's not the price of a cheap cup of coffee.I suspect the tracker is in your mobile phone, unless you have proof that it is indeed a car.

How Do I confuse the GPS tracking device my ex-husband put in my car

  Second, have a mechanic find it and remove it, preferably paying them to do the work and then write you a report of what they found. Handing that report to the police, filing a lawsuit against him, tracking someone without permission is usually a crime.

  How to discover trackers?

  If they cannot see the sky, they cannot work properly or not at all, so they cannot be inside any metal.Same bad GPS signal under the car.

  They‘re usually magnetic, so they stand out because it‘s a black plastic that doesn‘t visibly attach to the vehicle and has no apparent purpose.It doesn't belong there.

  It needs power, so unless it recharges the battery regularly, it will be connected to a power source somewhere. This is where the mechanic is useful because if someone messes with the wiring, it should be obvious compared to the factory configuration. Note that I‘ve seen a GPS tracker built into the vehicle relay, very creative and hard to spot, but the signal may not be that great.

  Radio waves are difficult to detect because they are emitted only occasionally.

  Any device is subject to interference from the reception of GPS signals.Stop it, the device is useless.The radius of doing so is larger than your property, and you can get all kinds of damage.

  The mobile device can not upload without some kind of data connection.Cellular modem is the most common.Blocking that signal is the most effective.Also, jamming cellular signals is generally not legal, and doing so over any type of wide area will get you in trouble.

  Only having a cellular gps jammer device can be a problem.It's the perfect device for robbers and rapists because it prevents victims from reporting crimes before you go too far.