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Why do GPS jammers shield the drone's signal

Why can GPS jammers affect drones at high altitudes? Is it a new generation of military chemical weapons?

2021-05-21 at 10:30


GPS jammer is one of the best tools to block the signal. With the development of science and technology, jammers have developed into military weapons and have been widely used on the battlefield. According to four U.S. officials, the Washington-Russian army crowded several U.S. military drones in the Syrian air, which had a serious impact on U.S. military operations. Officials said that a few weeks ago, the Russians began to interfere with several small U.S. drones after they carried out a series of chemical weapons attacks on civilians in the eastern Ghouta area led by rebels. "The security team clarified the problem related to gps jammer in the signal distribution of the house." "This is an unfortunate incident and will never happen again." The view is exactly the same. Everything is very Korean, right? If North Koreans are allowed to own mobile phones, that will be a thing of the past. This will never happen again. Peer-to-peer, but for us, the problem is that the security team should solve the problem in a meaningful or satisfactory way. they do not. Former Security Minister Ronnie Kasrils said at a press conference on Thursday that Public Security Minister David Marrobo explained “tactical surveillance measures” that led to "Interference" of mobile phone signals. intelligence. As reliable as the excuse "the dog ate my homework".