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What are the consequences of GPS interference?

Gleason Arliss 2022/09/07

  Everyone who uses GPS jammers, not everyone who uses GPS jammers is using them to hide other illegal activities. Some companies use cell phone jammers to create a quiet area, such as movie theaters that want to reduce cell phone use.

  As we‘ve mentioned before, it‘s worth repeating that GPS and cell phone jammers can interfere with emergency services like 9-1-1, ambulances, firefighters, and police. In addition, GPS jamming equipment interferes with aircraft navigation.

What are the consequences of GPS interference

  In 2015, for example, a plane that landed at Philadelphia's Northeast Airport lost its GPS signal about a mile from the airport. The FCC found that a truck driver in a parking lot was using a jammer to disable tracking devices on his truck, which he didn‘t know was illegal. Federal Communications Commission agents immediately confiscated the device and destroyed it with a sledgehammer.

  Thousands of businesses in the United States. South has GPS problems. Employees have learned how to use GPS.

  GPS spoofing and GPS jamming devices have become cheap and easy to use. For $10, delivery drivers and long-haul truck drivers can disguise their locations so dispatchers won‘t know they‘re having breakfast or a tryst at Motel 6.

  Teenagers have learned how to use GPS jammers to stop parents from tracking apps and cheating in Pokémon Go. Evil drug and human traffickers deceive border patrol drones. Cunning shipping companies can use GPS spoofing and jammers to change the time stamp of arrival or departure of cargo.

  A GPS jammer is a device that uses radio frequencies to transmit signals that block, interfere with, or interfere with the GPS system. These devices interfere with all aspects of GPS, including navigation and tracking.

  These devices are usually small, and most can be easily installed. Users just plug them into the car charger port and make sure the device is close to the GPS tracker. So it will interfere with the signal.

  GPS jammers and spoofers are activated in 30 seconds. If necessary, they can be removed and reinserted to hide evidence of wrongdoing. This makes them attractive to criminals and unreliable employees (and delinquent teens) who don‘t want employers, parents, or the police to track them down.

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