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Use signal jamming equipment to effectively solve uav problems

Perfectjammer 2019-10-23

Anti-Drone Attack Signal Jammer

Jammers can be effective against drones over several kilometres away. Generally, gps jammer operate on a ratio of distance between a drone and the jammer compared to the drone with its pilot. The further away the drone is from the pilot and closer to the jammer, the better. A typical effective jammer direction is a cone of about 15-30 degrees, projecting forward from the gun (this is also influenced by the RF band and the power of the jammer). This kind of jamming weapon is also the main direction of weapon research in recent years. It has the effect of high efficiency, low accidental injury and low loss. For now, the device can disable enemy drones and GPS weapons

The drone gun has the appearance of a bazooka; it’s a shoulder-mounted cannon weighing in at 13 pounds, but instead of firing any projectiles it acts as a jammer. With an effective range of 1.25 miles, the drone gun can halt communications between a drone and its pilot, grounding it almost instantly: All one has to do is aim and fire.

A technology which detects police radars and jams the signal emitted by police laser guns. Note laser jammers are illegal in some states.

While a focus on information denial has long remained an element of PLA doctrine, this display of jamming units showcased the PLA’s information denial efforts across multiple domains—intended to disrupt U.S. communications on land, air, and sea.ix

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Through its parade, China has offered the clearest indication of its vision for future warfare. Jammer-equipped aircraft, trucks, and ships will blind U.S. sensors. A networked complex of drones, radars, and satellites will feed vital targeting information to China’s missile forces. And future hypersonic weapons, flying fast and low, will evade U.S. missile defenses.

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