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Siakir Deria 2021-10-28

On the one hand, in accordance with the principle of “education first, prevention in the middle, punishment in the back” principle, the schools strengthened the examination style and discipline education by holding thematic class meetings, and organized candidates to study the "Examinee Rules" and "National Education Examination Violation Handling" "Methods", everyone signed the "Integrity Test Commitment" to guide candidates to treat the college entrance examination correctly and eliminate the idea of ​​violating discipline and cheating. On the other hand, coordinate the forces of relevant departments such as public security, radio, and market supervision, comprehensively inspect the surrounding environment of the test center, the school where the candidates are studying, and the radio market, and standardize the installation of metal detectors, Block Cid On Cell Phone , identity verification terminal equipment, etc. in each test center. During the test, four working groups will monitor and monitor radio signals around each test site. If abnormal signals are found, they will immediately take technical blocking measures, and work with the public security department to investigate and deal with the perpetrators to resolutely prevent and combat high-tech cheating. cell phone jammer

The concept of "people-oriented, sincere service" runs through the whole process of the college entrance examination, requiring schools and teachers to care for every examinee as if they care about their children, arrange the students' food, housing, and transportation, and help students adjust their mentality and reduce stress. Make sure that candidates eat well, sleep well, have a good mood, and prepare for the exam calmly and efficiently. At present, all schools involved in the examination are working hard to provide warm services to candidates: to ensure a scientific and reasonable diet. Formulate a "recipe for the college entrance examination", strictly control the purchase of ingredients, strictly food processing and production, and provide candidates with good quality, delicious taste, moderate quantity, meat and vegetable matching, mixed thickness, and moderate dryness, especially adding fresh vegetables and fruits And milk supply. Optimize time management. Reasonably arrange the test takers’ work and rest time, use Block Cid On Cell Phone to further enrich the power on duty, strengthen the management of lunch break and bedtime, and ensure the students’ rest time and quality of rest. Strengthen the mental health education of candidates. The main content of each school is to reduce the stress of the test, and through thematic class meetings, special lectures, etc., strive to guide students to establish a positive examination psychology. At the same time, teachers are arranged to pay close attention to the candidates' situation and promptly do a good job of psychological counseling during the exam. Strengthen traffic safety management. During the examination period, for schools traveling in groups, the school will uniformly arrange vehicles to pick up and drop off teachers and students, and a full-time teacher is responsible for leading the team. Provide emergency services for the college entrance examination. There are many people involved in the college entrance examination, and it is inevitable that there will be emergencies such as forgetting to bring their documents. Education, public security and other departments will jointly open up green channels for candidates and provide emergency services for the college entrance examination. For example, if a candidate loses his certificate, he can report it to the teacher leading the team and take the test with peace of mind. The school’s designated person will take charge of the test and send it to the test center in time.