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Block You Rnumber On A Cell Phone

Aftis Fatah 2021-10-14

Mobile phones have become the most basic communication tool for people in modern society, Block You Rnumber On A Cell Phone are sought after for personal or work reasons. The radio management department stated: The mobile phone signal jammer is essentially a radio transmitter, which not only interferes with the frequency of normal signals but is also harmful to human health. It is strictly forbidden to buy, sell, install and use without authorization. However, the reporter's investigation found that mobile jammers can be bought and sold in the Chengdu market at will! The lag of relevant laws and regulations has also become the root cause of the large number of mobile phone jammers and open trading. Yesterday, the reporter entered the words "mobile phone signal jammer Chengdu" in the Google search bar and found about 34,800 query results. On a website, the reporter easily found the contact's phone number. The company's website also provides services such as placing orders, paying bills online, and even door-to-door delivery. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to an office of about 20 square meters on Yusha Road where the company is located according to the address provided by the contact person. The staff took out a small and exquisite mobile phone signal jammer for conferences to demonstrate to reporters: He skillfully unscrewed the 4 nuts on the router-shaped mobile phone signal jammer, and put the signal transmitter in the corresponding place. Tighten the nut again, "Now it's almost a minute to turn on the switch (shielding signal)." cell phone jammer

One minute later, the reporter found that the mobile phone signal was really zero, and when calling out, the screen showed that there was no network. "How much area can this machine cover?" "It should be larger than this room." "What if I want to shield a dozen or so rooms on one floor?" "We also have a coverage with a maximum radius of 50 meters, about two That’s enough. When the signal transmitter is installed and placed at both ends of the corridor, all the mobile phones cannot be connected or connected." "Will this thing affect the human body?" "No, it's the same. The mobile phone signal is the same, it should be said that there is no impact.” According to the staff, the one with a smaller coverage area is 950 yuan, and the other one is 1900 yuan. "We are a big brand agency. The price is basically unacceptable. If you are willing to pay now, you can take it away." Hearing that Block You Rnumber On A Cell Phone was sold at random online, the citizen Mr. Zhang thought it was a bit weird: "During the earthquake, everyone couldn't get through with their mobile phones. At that time, everyone felt anxious. If these shielding devices can be bought at will on the Internet, and they are used by people with ulterior motives or spoofs, you will be anxious if you can't make a phone call in an emergency! Besides, if these are these The equipment is secretly used in commercial competitors and other places, which will bring great losses to individuals and companies." In addition, Huang Hengyou, the head of the Chengdu radio monitoring station, also said yesterday that the power of mobile phone signal jammers must be at least 2.5 watts. , There are more than one on a floor, and the signal is sent continuously, the radio wave transmission power far exceeds the environmental protection regulations, the radiation brought about will have an impact on people, and it does not comply with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Health.