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Illegal Cell Phone Jammer

Rovman Asaf 2021-07-29

Important company information may be released by someone through your mobile phone. Cause a lot of losses. Sudden cell phone ringing is annoying. You can quickly disable wifi on your smartphone outside the service area. It is a mobile Illegal Cell Phone Jammer that can block annoying signals. Protect the privacy of your whereabouts and confidentiality of information. Designed for ease of use. The equipment does not require complicated installation or professional knowledge. At the same time, you can work 24 hours a day. cell phone jammer Transmission frequency transmission power effective shielding range shielding object 869-880 MHz 1W 30m (product is 200m from base station) CDMA mobile phone 925-960 MHz 1W 30m (200m from base station) GSM mobile phone 1780- 1920MHz 1W 30m (product is 200m from base station ) TD, SCDMA, DCS, PH 2010-2025MHz 1W 30m Bluetooth deterrent (the product is 200m away from the base station) TD-SCDMA 2110-2145MHz 1W product is 200m away from the base station) CDMA2000, WCDMA 2400-2500MHz 1W 30m (from the base station 200m) WIFI (joint), TD-LTE (mobile), WiFi jammer (telecom) WIFI (wireless) wireless network, Bluetooth/2.4G communication (base station products) 2300-2485MHz 1W 30m

Mobile phones may adversely affect precision equipment. In addition, when the people around you are quiet, the ringtone is unpleasant. Some people use it in areas where the use of mobile phones is not allowed. In this case, please use mobile Illegal Cell Phone Jammer . It can control all terminals within 8m from the antenna at the same time within the output range of weak radio. The phone cannot be used in this area. Mobile phones leaving the area can communicate. You will no longer feel frustrated by violating etiquette in prohibited areas.