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Mobile phone jammer blocks operators' 3G services

Rud Ryan April 01, 2021 10:30

Why is there a mobile phone jammer?

Passengers are not driving, so they can make calls.

"Free hand" has existed for a long time, it has slightly limited the risk, and it must be realized that the only effective way is (but I’m dreaming, here I am driving while driving). The text message has been proven to be reasonable, so...) This is a roadside or roadside car.

I still firmly believe that this is also due to the long-standing contempt for speed: when I obey the speed limit, I can do other things, it doesn't matter.

ANFR will publish one of its investigations from time to time. This week, a mobile cell phone jammer blocked the 3G service of an operator in Gagny (Senna-Saint-Denis). This cell phone jammer interfered with a public health agency that specializes in mental health.

The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) has released an ongoing investigation. After the box was damaged, the mobile phone jammer hit the 3G mobile antenna.

On March 30, the operator notified ANFR of interference from one of its relay antennas. Within the scope of this 3G antenna, the operator covers the public health agency of Everard, which specializes in mental health. On the second day, two ANFR agents were dispatched to the scene: they discovered the use of a mobile phone jammer, a material that is forbidden to possess and use. The source comes from a building with 4 apartments and 1 professional room.

With the consent of the manager, the researcher entered the room and found no mobile phone jammers. Then they turned to individuals. But because they did not benefit from the privilege of analyzing private space, investigators decided to challenge residents to remind people of the law prohibiting human interference (a fine of 450 euros). A few minutes after the intercom discussion, the interference disappeared.