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What role do cell phone jammers play in the exam room

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Former British prime minister Winston Churchill famously said during world war ii, "by fair means or foul, the highest morality is attained." If it were not for the personal practice of journalists and the outspoken inventor, who would have thought that such a high-sounding anti-cheating advanced tool was singing in the red light of health and rights. Admittedly, cheating on the gaokao is a headache and a hassle, but the convenience of regulation at the expense of health and avoiding the law is striking. In order to "eliminate cheating" of the "highest moral" and by hook or by crook, in the context of supervision collective lost voice, by illegal or legal means to urge the world students to abide by the law, which itself is the biggest funny.

Cell phone jammer "block" app justice. Purpose justice of any nature must be tested by procedure justice and means justice. Procedure is not only the means to achieve purpose justice, but also the value embodied by procedure itself is an important content of judicial justice. Whether it is to prevent cheating or crack down on cheating, on the way to achieve the just goal of "fair examination", we must not "arbitrarily commit murder beyond our power". Why does the functional department know that this "shield device" walks on the edge of the law and speechless? Answer because of the fear of the "family" is difficult, after all, even because we have not the law as a independent system and value of existence, the loss of essential form elements, legal process, the result is the law and moral, ethical, habits, decrees, public opinion, the law of the quantitative qualitative became a discretionary "heart", for the convenience of venue management, what kind of instrument, how to use a natural can not scenes can not balance.

Does jammer radiation cause cancer

Mobile phone screen "screen" out of the examinee's right to know and right to health. Any public management based on the collective order cannot be a domineering one dimensional discourse power, and the interests of the managed (examinee) should come first. When the inventor himself said in the blog, "I am not sure whether the intensity of microwave radiation of the jammer can cause human cancer, but the intensity of microwave radiation does affect people's normal thinking. Most researchers in our institute experience mild migraines, irritability, and inability to concentrate after half an hour of exposure to microwaves of this intensity... "Can we ensure that this microwave radiation, which disturbs all researchers, does not have a strong physiological effect on tens of thousands of highly diverse students? Even if the interference is accidental and individual, do we give the examinee the right to know before entering the examination room? The fact that a drug can detail its low-probability adverse effects on its instructions to respect the right of consumers to know is worrying because, in the face of a large number of examinees, an instrument with a rather uncertain risk can be rooted in the examinee's side all the way.