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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

How To Build A Cell Phone Jammer Pdf

Perfectjammer 2021/09/30

The actual shielding effect of How To Build A Cell Phone Jammer Pdf is tested on-site on several mobile phones with a variety of frequency bands. It is a very convenient, fast, convenient and practical test standard. The relativity is based on the limitations of the test tools on the mobile phone, and the need to calculate after testing based on technical professional instruments. This type of method is very easy for customers to grasp. The method is as follows: prepare a mobile phone with several frequency bands in advance, including: China Mobile, China Unicom, 3G (generally there are three styles: mobile TD-SCDMA, China Unicom CDMA2000, telecom WCDMA), and then turn on the mobile phone signal jammer, hold each On the mobile phone, from the mobile phone signal jammer or the location from near to far, the reasonable shielding of the mobile phone jammer is detected. cell phone jammer It is suggested that the customer should detect the distance between the signal jammer and the shielding distance in several directions at the same time.

When inquiring whether the mobile phone is blocked, please pay attention: you can't just check the data signal grid number on the mobile phone. Because the data signal grid number of the mobile phone is sometimes falsely reported, it should be intermittently disconnected from the phone, and you can try to dial the local If the toll-free number or fixed landline number is blocked, it is judged to be still in the category of How To Build A Cell Phone Jammer Pdf . On the contrary, if the phone can be connected, it means that it has exceeded the category of mobile jammers. To detect whether a certain location point is in the range of a mobile phone jammer, it should be held on the mobile phone for more than 30 seconds to determine whether the mobile phone is blocked. If you move from a non-shielded area to a shielded area, you will usually walk into the cell phone jammer area for a very long distance before the phone will be completely shielded. With anti-interference ability, this kind of anti-interference ability will make the mobile phone automatically adjust the signal strength to ensure all normal voice calls this time. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to carry out dynamic testing in the case of voice calls, but to carry out static data testing at each positioning point. After the detection of several frequency bands is over, a short distance between the mobile phone jammer in a certain frequency range is selected as the reasonable shielding distance of the mobile phone signal jammer in the area.