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Black Pepper Cell Phone Blocker

Perfectjammer 2021/10/21

In order to effectively prevent criminals cheating by relying on high-tech communication tools during the college entrance examination, during the college entrance examination this year, the county entrance examination office will install Black Pepper Cell Phone Blocker in all college entrance examination points in our town to prevent and crack down on cheating in the college entrance examination. On the afternoon of June 4th, the reporter learned from the college entrance examination test centers in our town that for the college entrance examination this year, the county admissions office will set up cell phone jammers in every test center and examination room in our town to prevent cheating. cell phone jammer

It is the first time in our county's college entrance examination history to install a mobile phone jammer at the test center. In the past, individual schools could only deal with high-tech cheating tools by purchasing signal detectors such as "cheating grams" on their own, but the effect was not satisfactory. The unified configuration of Black Pepper Cell Phone Blocker is mainly to submerge the communication signals of normal mobile phones and base stations in noise by transmitting noise waves on the same channel. In this way, no matter whether the examinee is carrying a PHS or mobile phone or other high-tech cheating tools, the signal cannot be received normally within the shielding coverage area, which can effectively prevent cheating using high-tech communication tools.