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Cell Phone Radiation Blocker

Moldawa Artur 2022-01-17

In the field of communication, a signal is a physical quantity that represents a message. For example, an electrical signal can represent different messages through changes in amplitude, frequency, and phase. Cell Phone Radiation Blocker means damage to the reception of useful signals. Interference generally consists of the following two types, crosstalk: the coupling phenomenon between two signal lines in electronics. Radio interference: By sending radio signals to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio, it achieves the behavior of disrupting communications and blocking radio station signals. The current test environment is complex, and many factors will have a relatively large impact on the measurement results. How to minimize the interference in the test is also a difficult problem for each test engineer. cell phone jammer The basic principle of the measures is to suppress the interference source, cut off the interference propagation path, and improve the anti-interference performance of the sensitive device.

In the test system at this stage, in addition to the signal to be tested, theoretically there will be many kinds of signals appearing in the test system. All of these signals have an effect on the measurement results. Often these signals belong to external interference, such as mechanical interference signals, thermal interference signals, optical interference signals, chemical interference signals, electromagnetic interference signals, and so on. In the laboratory test, the test environment is relatively good, and the mechanical interference, thermal interference, and light interference will be relatively small, but given the laboratory equipment, there will be more electric fields and electromagnetic fields, and Cell Phone Radiation Blocker is still very likely to occur. Electromagnetic interference is also the most common and most serious interference for detection systems. Therefore, electromagnetic interference is also our focus during testing.