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Verizon Spam Blocker For Cell Phones

Walton Eygpt 2022-01-18

With the continuous development of technology, the mobile phone ownership rate is rising rapidly. While the development of science and technology brings convenience, more attention should be paid to the problem of information leakage accompanying mobile communication. The Verizon Spam Blocker For Cell Phones system for mobile communication is a professional modern communication signal shielding technology. In special environments such as party and government agencies, scientific research institutes, prisons, etc., higher requirements are placed on mobile phone jammer technology. For example, in the application environment of the communication mobile phone jammer system of the general conference, the participants come and go in a hurry, and there is almost no time to "search" the communication signal to block the blind spot. In a confidential or special environment, the number of people is dense and the activities are relatively concentrated. It cannot be guaranteed that no criminals will engage in illegal and criminal acts through environmental loopholes. At this time, a mobile phone signal jammer should be used for further shielding to ensure that the blind area of ​​the signal shielding range in the environment is minimized. Mobile communication cell phone jammer Is it necessary to use it? Now, the emergence of monitoring and mobile phone detection doors has eliminated many hidden dangers that disrupt the order for important places such as the examination room, so that candidates can ensure that no communication equipment can be brought into the examination room when entering the examination room, so that all candidates are in a fair environment. down competition. However, it is inevitable that there will be some "fish that slip through the net". At this time, it is necessary to use mobile communication mobile phone jammers to completely create a fair test environment!

The principle of mobile communication cell phone jammers is actually very simple. As a mobile communication device, a mobile phone needs to establish a connection with a nearby base station first, and then access the core network to find a communication destination. In the above process, all information is carried and transmitted by electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave frequency band used by the mobile phone is related to the standard and operator of the mobile phone. But in general, the electromagnetic wave frequency bands used by the three operators are distributed in the 850-4900MHz range. If the test organizer wants to block the mobile phone signals in the test room, it is impossible for the base stations of the 2G/3G/4G/5G operators near the test room to not work. Otherwise, all communication equipment in this area will be paralyzed and cannot communicate normally. Since it cannot be shielded from the operator, the only way is to shield the mobile phone signal in the examination room. Shielding the mobile phone signal can effectively prevent the phenomenon of cheating using mobile phones, thereby preventing any cheating behavior. Generally speaking, the radius of action of Verizon Spam Blocker For Cell Phones is within 25 meters, and ideally, one device can satisfy the interference of 100 square meters. And under the requirements of the national standard, the total radiated power of mobile phone jammers should not be greater than 20W, otherwise it will produce a certain amount of radiation to the human body, and long-term exposure to radiation will cause damage to the body, so when purchasing mobile phone jammers, not only must Consider the scope of action, but also the power of the equipment.