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Pena Julyanna 2021-10-31

Many persuasion to no avail, the square dance still disturbs the people. Mr. Zhu from Jianye District, Nanjing has a 1-year-old grandson in his family. There is a public activity area in front of the building. Every night, it becomes a small stage for square dance. "It's not wrong to dance the square dance, but it's not right to make such a loud noise." Because the sound of the square dance was too loud, the little grandson was awakened from sleep at night. Mr. Zhu went downstairs to "negotiate" many times. Some, but it’s still that big the next day, it’s useless to say it." "I just want to lie down quietly when I get home from get off work. But every night at 6 o’clock, the square dance starts downstairs and the music is playing.’ "Sounding the sky', sometimes it ends after ten o'clock." Speaking of the square dance in the community, Mr. Post-90s who lives on the 6th floor is very speechless, but can't help it. Smart speakers can be "muted" by artifacts. The "anti-square dance artifact" is a flashlight-shaped outdoor Will A Metal Roof Block Cell Phone Ssingle , the key is facing the audio panel, you can pause the audio music playback. After the reporter opened an online shopping platform and searched for "anti-square dance", outdoor audio signal jammers appeared immediately. Propaganda slogans such as "all kinds of audio all in one net", "square dance buster", "professional anti-noise, give you back quiet" and other publicity slogans also came. cell phone jammer

The compact and portable "anti-square dance artifact" weighs only 128g, has a built-in lithium battery and smart chip, and has a switch at the rear. A shopkeeper told reporters that the principle of the "anti-square dance artifact" is infrared intelligent decoding, which uses a built-in smart chip to interfere with the audio. Therefore, this means that the "anti-square dance artifact" can only interfere with smart speakers, such as speakers with remote controls, Bluetooth speakers, card speakers, and U disk speakers. Indoor speakers, desktop audio, indoor KTV, tweeters, radios, etc. cannot be disturbed. The "anti-square dance artifact" is also required to be used. "Be sure to face the audio control panel, because there is a receiver on the control panel. Only when we transmit signals through the artifact, the audio signal can be interfered. Therefore, the audio without the receiver can't interfere." The store told reporters that the artifact Those who need to go to the scene to operate, it is not recommended to start. The unit price of such an "anti-square dance artifact" is 150-400 yuan, and there are many online stores. On a certain buying platform, the highest sales volume exceeded 100,000. Can the noise problem be solved fundamentally? "The troubles that have plagued for many years have been solved by the artifact." "It is very contradictory to pick up the artifact. It feels unethical to use it, and it is unbearable to use it." "With Will A Metal Roof Block Cell Phone Ssingle , will there be anti-signal jammers next."... The use of "anti-square dance artifacts" has aroused heated discussion among netizens because of the contradictions and problems caused by square dances. Too much trouble. After learning about the signal jammer, Mr. Li, who lives in Gulou District, said he was willing to buy it. “Persuasion for many times has no effect, and I hope this artifact can be effective.” Ms. Zhu, born in the 90s in Jianye District, said that she would not buy it. “It’s impossible. It can't solve the problem fundamentally if you use it every day to pause the sound."

In all kinds of large and medium-sized examinations, fairness and fairness are the basic principles of society, and there are many examinations in life. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, in various large and medium-sized examinations, it is necessary to use technical means such as mobile phone signal blockers to block the signals in the examination room, so as to meet the needs of mobile phones being unable to communicate and surf the Internet. It is a good practice to prevent candidates from cheating. When many organizations or companies hold large-scale meetings, in order to prevent the content of the meeting from being eavesdropped, a signal shielding device can be installed to improve the confidentiality of the meeting. When the leader is in a meeting, open the cell phone signal blocker to block the cell phone signal. The leader speaks happily and listens carefully below.