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Cell phone jammers stop the trouble caused by ringtones

Patrice CUSIN April 22, 2021 10:30

What is a mobile phone jammer, such as a mobile phone?

The impressive scene in the movie...Did you ever feel uncomfortable with the ringtone of your phone at that time? In recent years, with the rapid popularity of mobile phones, in theaters, concert halls, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters and many other occasions, the ringtones of mobile phones will cause trouble for others, and some people will use mobile cell phone jammer to stop them.

To prevent ringtones and calls from appearing on mobile phones, etc.... Therefore, there is a way to prevent ringtones from being caused by the use of radio equipment equipped with functions to suppress ringtones and mobile phones (communication cell phone jammer devices such as mobile phones) Inconvenience caused by sports.

What is a communication suppression device such as a mobile phone?

Mobile phones, etc. use radio waves to communicate. Communication suppression cell phone jammer devices used for mobile phones and the like are devices that emit radio waves in the same frequency band as that used by mobile phones and the like, so that mobile phones and the like cannot be used in the vicinity where the device is installed.