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Mobile Jammers Make Mobile Phones Less Important

Perfectjammer 2020-11-15

Nowadays, do people still support the right to use the phone while driving, and think that they are above everyone and do not pose any danger? Strangely, when I drove past someone's phone, they drove like a real bastard, thinking it was their way. The fine should be aggravated. The problem is that we have everything on a smartphone, and there is no reliable system that can tell you all the information that occurs as information without reading...just record the voice note required by the smartphone "press continue". I better recommend you buy one The cell phone jammer comes to end what happened.

Therefore, simple messages or calls that like to put others in danger can be postponed to later idiots and soon calm down! Only idiots will be happy...Don't change anything, you are just a stupid level...The poor driver of everything...When we comply with highway laws, we have no problem...CQFD.

If I want to have dinner, I will call you directly. There is a way to laugh happily with you! Victory guaranteed. At the same time there are no pedestrians, children, stations, etc. on the highway... the city is a permanent danger, except for those idiots who think their phones are allowed to carry idiots. Yes, obviously, on the day your child was hit by the guy who wrote the text message, I don't think it will be a Malinois. Of course I won’t bother you in the blink of an eye, but if you want to think that such sanctions are too punitive, you really have to keep in step...

On the one hand, I am annoyed by playing music on my mobile phone, but on the other hand, I found out that it is very legal to withdraw the license plate from a person who crossed the white line and give a stop sign...On the highway, he has a helicopter You can clearly see the use of smartphones while driving, and it can undoubtedly see what is written...

Another unrelated incident appeared in my local media today... An app saved more than 50 years of age... Indeed, the gentleman’s relatives called his cardiac arrest samu and used a purpose First aid measures were taken in an app that warned nearby people who knew the case. As a result, the person has not died yet. No one knows whether the person who intervened first is driving... Then again, whether the intervention request can be used while listening to the person’s voice. The form of sound conveys music not sure my reaction is irrelevant...

In addition to nonsense on social networks, smartphones can be used for other purposes, but you still have to know how to use it instead of penalizing people who call while driving (how much? 100 per hour, 1000 per city , Or every city?), it would be simpler to force automakers to place cell phone jammers on their vehicles. There is no need for 4G/GSM communication when driving and playing po, and no longer text messages, phone calls, etc.

In addition, if the car provides a hands-free kit, when a phone is detected in the car and connected to the kit, it will act as a "bridge" to the outside and disable the mobile jammer. The cost per unit of a GSM jammer is about 20 euros, and one million may be about 1 or 2 euros. Suddenly, there will be more punishments (this will not make idiots smarter, well, on the contrary), there will be less police work, there will be no price difference in vehicles, and everything will become simpler.