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Cell phone jammers specifically target recording devices

Perfectjammer 2021-04-15

At present, the speed of network information circulation is very fast. With the upgrading of various recording equipment, it has become smaller and smaller. At the same time as it is convenient, some people will use the recording pen to eavesdrop on the company’s business secrets. The security of recording has also become the public. Hot issues of general concern. The mobile phone has become a carry-on item. In addition, professional recording equipment is no longer limited to voice recorders and tape recorders, but more are smaller and more concealed. These are the safety equipment we need to guard against when talking.

In order to solve the problem of valuable conversations not being stolen by others, Perfectjammer has focused on information security for 14 years. The newly developed L7B mobile cell phone jammer has been upgraded on the basis of the original equipment. The FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the old equipment. The high-frequency noise is added to the information of various brands of mobile phones and recording equipment that have been on the market in the past two years, and it has a very obvious effect on the new recording equipment and mobile phone recording.

The mobile phone jammer is based on the FPGA-based ultrasonic band noise algorithm, which will not produce sound and will not affect health during work. The mainstream recording equipment (mobile phones, voice recorders, tape recorders) widely used in the market can achieve the shielding effect; the appearance can be It is a polymorphism customized according to user needs, such as telephones, clocks, etc.; it can be disguised as speakers, pen holders, etc. in the living or office environment, and the environment is perfectly integrated to achieve true invisibility.

Advantages of mobile phone jammers: high interference intensity: our self-developed FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm can effectively interfere with mobile phones, voice recorders and other digital devices, can record noises, and completely eliminate the harsh ears that a few people can hear sound. Long interference distance: The interference distance of the recording jammer to 95% of mobile phones is more than two meters, the interference distance to 60% of mobile phones is more than 5 meters, and the interference distance to mobile phones such as iPhone X and iPhone 8 is 10 meters, which can effectively protect the conversation. content.

The interference distance of the mobile phone jammer is long, eliminating the harsh sound that a few people can hear, and there are many devices that can interfere, including the Apple mobile phone, which is not easy to interfere. The radius interference distance can reach more than 10 meters. The mobile phone jammer is completely silent when it is working. The sound recorded by the recording and eavesdropping equipment interfered by ultrasonic waves is completely noisy, and no meaningful information can be extracted. Designed with the appearance of ordinary audio. It is suitable for confidential meeting rooms, public security bureau petition centers, prosecutors' reception halls, courts, negotiation rooms, offices and other places for private conversations.