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Cell phone jammers cut off communication with the outside world

Perfectjammer 2021-04-13

Mobile phone jammers are one of the essential equipment for examination rooms, prisons, gas stations and other places. It can prevent mobile phones within a certain range from receiving signals. During the examination, in order to create a level playing field for candidates, the state stipulates that mobile jammers must be used during the college entrance examination, postgraduate examinations, and English four or six levels. The prison will also install mobile jammers to prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world. cell phone jammer are used to cut off communication with the outside world.

Mobile phone signal jammers are divided into built-in antenna signal jammers and external antenna signal mobile phone jammers. These two signal jammers have their own characteristics and advantages. They can be purchased according to the location and site requirements of the mobile phone jammer used.

Most of the mobile phone jammers on the market now have at least 8 antennas. With the popularity of 5G signals, current jammers can shield 5G signals, and there are 10 antennas, and each antenna will be shielded. The transmitting frequency band, such as the MDPB-9X 5G version of the mobile phone signal jammer, the transmitting frequency band includes the CDMA frequency band transmitting frequency 870-880MHz, the GSM frequency band transmitting frequency 930-960MHz, the DCS frequency band transmitting frequency 1805-1920MHz, and the TD-SCDMA frequency band transmitting frequency 2010- 2025MHz, WCDMA/CDMA2000 frequency band transmitting frequency 2110-2170MHz, 4G1 frequency band transmitting frequency 2300-2400MHz, WIFI frequency band transmitting frequency 2400-2485MHz, 4G2 frequency band transmitting frequency 2555-2655MHz, 5G1 frequency band transmitting frequency 3400-3600MHz, 5G2 frequency band transmitting frequency 4800- 5000MHz.

External antennas are generally made of metal with , suitable for use in prisons, and can be prevented from being damaged. The built-in antennas are generally plastic shells. The built-in antennas for mobile phone jammers have a beautiful appearance and are suitable for use in examination rooms to avoid student resistance.

MDPB-9X 5G version of mobile phone signal jammer, effective shielding distance is adjustable from 1-20 meters (on-site can be adjusted at will, shielding distance depends on the strength of the on-site mobile phone signal), can work continuously for 24 hours, built-in antenna 10 channels, total transmission power 30W, using directional antenna to prevent interference.