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Installing cell phone jammers in schools does not fundamentally solve Internet problems

Perfectjammer 2020-12-19

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With the advancement of science and technology, mankind has entered the era of technology and information explosion. Mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool between people. First of all, chat-based QQ has appeared, and people can meet strangers thousands of kilometers away. Later, WeChat also came out. This feature is so powerful that people cannot shop on WeChat. It can be said that technology has made many electronic products updated more frequently, and powerful functions have made people increasingly rely on electronic products. Teachers also use APP software to assign homework to students. Various live broadcasts, game software, social software and more on mobile platforms!

However, let the birthday night of primary and secondary schools linger! This is the problem. Nowadays, elementary and middle school students cannot do without mobile phones. This may cause headaches for teachers and parents. How to prevent students from indulging in mobile phones? This is a particular concern for schools and parents. Some schools require students to agree to hand over their mobile phones during class, while some schools require the class to set up a "mobile phone manager" class leader position to help teachers manage the use of smart phones by students, and even set up a cell phone jammer campus in the school every night From 10 in the evening to 4 in the morning to prevent students from playing with mobile phones, but does this method work?

(1) Installing a mobile phone signal jammer will damage the pond fish. Although the installation of signal shielding equipment in the school will temporarily prevent students from overusing mobile phones, the residents around the school are still affected: Aunt Shi, who has just moved in, told a reporter from Qianjiang Evening News: “It’s not very special at home. Often, it’s just that guests complain about the signal Bad, 4G becomes 2G, you can’t make calls, you can only take your mobile phone outdoors, so the surrounding residents will suffer together. “Now, if you are a resident living near this school, would you like it?

(2) The installation of mobile cell phone jammers may delay many "big events". Not to mention how much "comfort" the installation of shielding devices will bring to teachers and parents, making students "obedient", no longer playing mobile phones in the classroom, and staying overnight in the dormitory at night, will not affect their learning. Because I can access the Internet, I think that most students and teachers in the school cannot get the signal. If there are too many emergency calls to make, but the other party cannot answer the call because of the mobile phone signal shielding device, if the student has an accident at school, it is a life-saving signal! If it is because this prevents students from playing with the shielded device installed on the phone lock, who will pay the bill?

(3) Teachers and parents were "taking sleeping pills" when the mobile cell phone signal jammer was installed. In a short period of time, it may restrain students from using mobile phones too much, but this rule exists in the world. The more you suppress, the greater its resistance to you, and the more you suppress students from using mobile phones, the students will feel the effect of mobile phones. As the saying goes: "You have Zhang Liangji, I have a long ladder." If there are policies, students will have countermeasures. How do they find a way to deal with the school's "signal shielding equipment". Learning without any effect is just a symptom, not the root cause.

Why is it said that installing cell phone jammer in schools is just a symptom, not the root cause? First, as a teacher and parent, you must have a clear understanding of the Internet. The advent of the Internet era not only provides convenience for people's life and study, but also brings people a lot of worries. There are many learning resources on the Internet, which can broaden students' learning horizons. This is beneficial. At the same time, there are a lot of bad and unhealthy information on the Internet, but this is harmful to students' learning. This requires teachers and parents to give students correct guidance. Students have poor ability to discriminate and require parents and teachers to give students correct guidance and guidance. Which is good for the child and which is good for the child, rather than blindly

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