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Parents use cell phone jammers to control children's excessive surfing

Perfectjammer 2020-12-18

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Nowadays, smart phones have long been a must-have item in life, and there are many middle school students and many people who have mobile phones. It is well known that the mobile phone has a great influence on a middle school student. Many middle school students do things that have nothing to do with learning because they watch TV, play games, and chat on their mobile phones, which affect their studies. Especially playing on mobile phones at night is not only bad for your health, but also affects students' daytime class status.

Schools and parents have a headache for this. In order to prevent students from using mobile phones at night, a middle school in Henan adopted a "new solution": a mobile cell phone jammer was installed on the campus and turned on every night to prevent students from using mobile phones at night. In addition, severe penalties are imposed on students who are found playing mobile phones during the day, and this method is used to manage students playing mobile phones. However, nearby residents said that when they were playing on their mobile phones at home, they either had no signal or the signal was too poor at night, suspected to be related to the school’s mobile phone signal jammer. As long as the students have a holiday night, the internet speed and signal will be good.

Nearby residents responded to the school. The school kept saying that it would be closed, but the students lost their mobile phone signals as soon as the school started. As the lives of the surrounding residents were affected, the residents reported this issue to the relevant department. The relevant department stated: "Portable jammers are a type of radio station. Radio stations with a small impact area do not need to be reviewed. Other radio stations are The use of frequencies is subject to review. To prevent students from playing with mobile phones at night, the school installs large shielding devices. Although the starting point is for students, it did not expect to make surrounding residents complain. The school also stated that it used a small shielding device to cover. The area is small and the number is large, but because improper care will cause various damages by students, the school uses a large shielding device. However, the school finally chose to turn off the shielding device and choose other methods to manage students playing mobile phones.

Middle school students are obsessed with mobile phones and cannot help themselves, and the majority of young people who come out of school have become bowed people, which has become a common phenomenon in society. Many schools did not make little effort to manage students' mobile phone use, increasing the level of punishment, confiscating students' mobile phones, opening quality development courses, and some schools chose to use jammers. There are many ways to solve the problem. So do you think that the students are more "skinned" and more difficult to manage, or are the school's methods and starting points wrong?

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