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Strother Charles 2021-11-8

On a terminal computer of the Radio Management Office of Yantai City, the reporter saw that as long as the system was turned on, he could see various signals in the monitoring frequency band. The staff said that every year from one week before the college entrance examination, the radio environment around the test site was surveyed and a sample library under normal conditions was obtained. With the sample library, once an abnormal signal occurs during the test, the computer can directly display it, which is convenient for the inspector to take action quickly. On the newly equipped mobile monitoring vehicle, the reporter saw that compared with ordinary commercial vehicles, there is a dome antenna on the top of the body. This is the "sky eye" of radio monitoring, Obd2 Cell Phone Blocker which can capture various signals. In the carriage, there is a set of similar office equipment, computer equipment and sophisticated radio equipment are placed on a fixed table. The whole set of equipment comes from the world-class radio monitoring company, German RS company, with excellent technology. During the college entrance examination, three such mobile monitoring vehicles will always run around the test sites. cell phone jammer

Radio wave propagation is limited by distance. To ensure the quality of transmission, cheaters are all in hotels near the test site, and some of them hide in cars outside the test site and become mobile launch points. Gao Jinsheng said, even if the source of cheating is mobile You are not afraid of it. As long as the signal is issued, the inspection department can also drive the mobile monitoring vehicle to track, determine the specific location, and then cooperate with the public security department to act together. "At present, the education department has installed Obd2 Cell Phone Blocker in the examination room, and the mobile phone signal is blocked, so it is impossible to cheat through mobile phones, mainly through radio equipment." Gao Jinsheng introduced that many people now sell college entrance examination cheating equipment online, all through radio waves. spread. Vendors first arrange internal responses in the examination room in advance. Once the examination papers are issued, they should steal the questions with a button camera or scanning pen and pass them to the "gunners" outside the examination room. Before the end of the exam, the offender used a mobile phone or radio transmission device to send the answer to the examinee who purchased the cheat device. The important job of the Radio Management Office is to cut off information sources that attempt to cheat in the college entrance examination. In addition, the radio management office has a set of suppression equipment. When an abnormal signal causes serious harm, this set of equipment can immediately block the signal or multiple signals in a certain segment.