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Cell Phone Call Blocking Verizon

Namani Albert 2021-11-4

The police showed something, "This is the high-tech crime tool used by the suspect-the car signal jammer." On the screen, some garbled symbols are displayed. Accompanying it is a car key that looks very ordinary. "The suspect explained that he bought Cell Phone Call Blocking Verizon through the Internet. After finding the target, as long as he stays within a certain range, when the owner uses the remote control to lock the car, the electronic signal will be intercepted and copied by this instrument, and the entire copying process can be completed in an instant And it’s very concealed. After the suspect waits for the owner to go away, he uses the transmitter to launch the signal and open the door." The Hushuntang police officer of the Huomo police station told reporters that after the theft, this instrument can lock the door again. The owner Maybe you can't see that your car has been "patronized" by criminals. cell phone jammer

I entered the word "Cell Phone Call Blocking Verizon" on the Internet and found tens of thousands of results. Many advertisements for the sale of signal jammers are displayed on the Internet. A staff member engaged in car sales told reporters that although many high-end cars use random coding technology, these mobile phone jammers may not be able to start the car easily, but it is not difficult to open the door. Officer Wu said that this kind of theft has already appeared in Handan, and the targets are mostly high-end cars. At present, almost all cars have remote control opening and closing functions. Almost all car owners use remote control functions to lock their cars. Criminals take advantage of this loophole. How to prevent this kind of theft? The police reminded that for this new instrument, the method of only checking the door after locking the car is no longer applicable. Car owners try not to put valuables in the car, and use a key to lock the car, which can more effectively prevent the theft of the property in the car.