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Puk Blocked On Cell Phone

Askin Dominik 2021-11-24

For mobile phones, you can actually retreat, the key is to let students understand the knowledge points, not just because the mobile phone affects their learning. Some videos, practice, etc. can be combined in the classroom. One of my class teachers even allows classmates to go out to answer important phone calls during class. Of course, our students are also very conscious, and generally don’t run around for things that are not very urgent. And you can even consider giving students 5-10 minutes of relaxation time in class once a week, Puk Blocked On Cell Phone Let them choose to watch videos or other activities, or tell students their own experience or other, expand students’ horizons, training and training outside of the classroom The contact between students, let the students supervise each other from the side, don't affect the whole class because of the individual use of mobile phones. cell phone jammer

If you really want to check, the best way is to check the signal. Metal detectors are not reliable, don’t have too many metal objects in the classroom; Puk Blocked On Cell Phone , it will affect the signal outside the classroom, and students can download games or movies offline; suddenly turning off the lights will affect students who are studying normally; anonymous reporting, generally There is no response, and it is not conducive to class unity; wall mobile phone pocket, students will say that there is no mobile phone or there are two mobile phones or hand in a model machine. Moreover, all the above methods are not conducive to cultivating the relationship between teachers and students.