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Can Schools Block Cell Phone Signals

Stopple John 2021-10-29

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Education Examination Institute, Tsinghua University has further strengthened the discipline of the examination room, strengthened prevention, and comprehensively established a strict examination security system to ensure the safety of the examination. On the one hand, candidates and invigilators are strictly prohibited from carrying mobile phones and other communication tools into the examination room, and make full use of Can Schools Block Cell Phone Signals , ID card identifiers, wireless headset jammers and other equipment to prevent and screen high-tech cheating, exam cheating and other illegal activities. On the spot, take photos of candidates who have doubts about their credentials and their identity to further prevent the occurrence of cheating; on the other hand, strengthen the training of invigilators, require them to strictly implement the invigilation procedures, truthfully record the exam situation, concentrate on, Be loyal to your duties. The Postgraduate Admissions Office has also set up a whistleblower phone to strengthen the supervision and management of the postgraduate admissions examination. cell phone jammer

Tsinghua University adheres to the people-oriented principle, provides considerate services to candidates, and creates a serious, serious, safe, orderly and harmonious examination environment. The weather is relatively cold during the exam. While strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic, Tsinghua University has made careful arrangements for the candidates’ transportation inside and outside the campus, video prompts on the entrance to the school, epidemic prevention materials, medical care, and diet, especially for the legs. For special circumstances such as injury and inconvenient mobility, make special arrangements, and complete the nucleic acid test and the full one-to-one service for the examinee and his escort. According to the specific arrangements and prevention and control requirements of Tsinghua University's 2021 national postgraduate enrollment examination, Tingtao Garden is the only dining spot on campus, exclusively for candidates. At the west side of Tingtaoyuan, use WeChat or Alipay to scan the QR code to buy a temporary meal card for dining. When entering the restaurant, take personal protection and wear a mask. At the same time, you need to show the admission ticket and enter the canteen after temperature measurement. At the same time, in order to ensure that candidates go to the exam room in advance and take the exam smoothly, Tsinghua University has prepared a map of the Can Schools Block Cell Phone Signals exam room and exam area and green transportation reminders in advance, and issued relevant test center announcements to provide convenience for candidates and accompanying persons.