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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Cellular GPS Jammers Block Cell Phone Signals and Prevent It From Ringing

Pode Visar 2022/09/20

  Have you ever been in an awkward situation like this? No use of mobile phones on important occasions. Suddenly, a cell phone rang, ruining the atmosphere. Of course, everyone looks for the origin. Unfortunately, you are the creator. It's hard to decide whether to pick up the phone or refuse. You know, when we turn off the phone, the caller knows it's off. But usually what we want is to open the phone politely.

Cellular GPS Jammers Block Cell Phone Signals and Prevent It From Ringing

  People who call from the other end should not know that we are avoiding their calls. Okay, now it's no big deal. The invention of the mobile phone signal shield will solve your problem. This device, called a cellular GPS jammers, lets you block frequencies from mobile service providers in a specific area, and you never need to turn off your phone.

  There are some other important or special situations when you want the perfect solace and solitude, especially when you are enjoying a romantic evening or candlelight dinner with your beloved one. During this time, the powerful WiFi GPS cell phone signal blocker will work perfectly by blocking your cell phone signal and preventing it from ringing.

Desktop 16 Antennas Adjustable Full Band Mobile WIFI GPS LOJACK LORA UHF VHF Jammer

16 Antennas Cell Phone Jammer

The all-in-one powerful mobile phone 5G 5G WIFI GPS UHF/VHF signal jammer is designed with 16 antennas, which brings us powerful jamming ability. And it can not only cut off all 3G 4G 5G cell phone signals, but also interfere with WiFi2.4G 5G CDMA450M GPS LOJACK UHF VHF LORA signals.


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The latest review of 12 bands handheld signal jammer

It is a great cell phone jammer after a while you get used to how to measure the dBm. Truly amazing product , I am planning to buy couple more...

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