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What are the precautions for jammer installation?

Perfectjammer 2020-05-25

If the information leakage problem is very serious, causing anxiety in many enterprises, and the line conduction portable jammer is used, it solves this problem very well. It is a newly developed high-tech equipment that can prevent state secrets and leakage and theft. When installing and using the equipment, you must operate according to the correct requirements. Today, Jinghua Hongda Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction of the installation precautions for line conduction jammers.

1. When installing the line conduction jammer, it is necessary to clarify its installation and configuration method, and install it according to the requirements of the design drawing, so that it is more convenient and simple to operate.

2. During installation, you only need to connect the output port of the network card on the computer side to the network port of the line conduction jammer. On the other network port of the jammer, use the original interface to connect, so it looks like Very simple, there is no need to move some office instruments and equipment during installation, and no need to carry out wall excavation operations, which will not affect normal office and work, nor will it affect the use of computers, nor will it have any effect on home decoration Any impact.

3. The line conduction wifi jammer uses a unique coverage technology, which can cover all the signals leaked on the network cable without usinginterference sources. When the installation is complete, testing and debugging are also required. See if the electromagnetic interference signal it emits can obliterate the leaked information on the unshielded twisted pair; or whether it will affect the normal transmission of data when the network performs high-speed data transmission and low-speed data transmission.

The line conduction jammer uses a variety of test technologies, which can transmit data files and image files, and can also test the error codes generated in the work. It has green and environmental protection functions, which can quickly and effectively protect leaked information. It is installed. It is also very convenient and easy to use. In addition, if you need a confidential shredder, you can consult Jinghua Hongda Technology Company.

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