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Cell phone jammer: We jam GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi

Perfectjammer 2022/08/05

  A jammer gps is a special device that interferes with cellular communications. So in a certain place, no one can use the smartphone to make calls or surf the Internet, which can avoid the leakage of important information.

Cell phone jammer: We jam GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wifi

  There are a wide variety of models sold, but they are usually divided into pocket and fixed.

  The principle of operation of a GPS interceptor is simple. The device works by emitting special pulses within a specific frequency, just like a device that needs to be muted. A special field is formed around the suppressor blocker in which pulses from other devices are lost.

  Consider the type of suppression device by form factor.

  Fixed jamming device

  Fixed suppression equipment is required to interfere with the signal in a certain frequency range within a given radius, with constant power from the 220 V network. Another power source option is a car cigarette lighter or other method of supplying current. The signal silencer is installed indoors and will move in rare cases. This is due to the size of the device.

  In most cases, using such devices:

  In the office building, ensure the privacy of conversations and prevent data leakage;

  in theatres, museums or other cultural institutions to ensure quiet;

  At an educational institution during an exam or test.

  Small muffler (portable)

  Small appliances are known for their size, so they are easy to transport and always present. Battery charging allows you to block the signal on the road or where there is no fixed power grid.

  For portable devices, the interference of the signal occurs in a small radius, which can ensure personal safety without affecting others. Another criterion in their favor is their low cost.

  All of this expands the possibilities of applications:

  Block the signal at home, so that children do not sit on the phone for a long time;

  To prevent information leakage;

  In public transport, so as not to distract the driver from talking loudly;

  Small devices block signals from listening devices, GPS trackers, GLONASS satellites.

  At present, the wireless industry is developing very rapidly. Many useful innovations have been created, but many threats have emerged that could compromise everyone's privacy.

  Audio recorder and video error blocker.

  Voice recorder jammers broadcast acoustic white noise or sound transitions, preventing the operation of any spying equipment, such as hidden microphones and cameras. In fact, acoustic noise generators have a very short range and are used for protection in small areas.

  Radio frequency jammer

  There are many general-purpose devices in the world that can be used to spy on or collect illicit information, but in any case, it's better to protect ahead of time than to have problems in the future.

  The popularity of flying quadcopters and using drones is steadily rising. At the same time, the number of disruptions related to their participation has also increased. With the help of specially developed jammers, drones can be found and prevented from unauthorized intrusion into restricted areas. To protect objects, it is enough to buy a drone jammer. Thus, espionage, terrorist activities and many other problems caused by unauthorized drones can be stopped.

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