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Cell phone jammers can be used for variety of beneficial purposes

Perfectjammer 2022/08/04

  There are reports that women who play online games for a long time can become blind. When she was taken to hospital, doctors told her family that her eyes could not be repaired. This is a huge tragedy. Also, in some of our everyday scenarios, cell phones are simply not welcome and employees use them during work hours resulting in a drop in business performance. Doctors make phone calls while on duty and caring for patients, with dire consequences. Some students dared to play with their phones in class, knowing that their exams would undoubtedly pass because teachers would give them a "protected score". This leads them to believe that just by stepping out of the gates of the school, they can graduate.

Cell phone jammers can be used for variety of beneficial purposes

  Should schools use cell phone jammers? Many schools only hold final exams each year, ignoring regular training. Teachers should improve students' performance in the classroom, increase the frequency of classroom testing, and help them develop consistent study habits. As a result, students will have a sense of urgency and will not have time to fiddle with their phones in class. University education should not oppose the development of science and technology at all. Playing with mobile phones in the classroom is not only the responsibility of students, but also the responsibility of educators.

  In the classroom, mobile phones cannot be used to solve problems, but how to improve students' motivation is the key! Using mobile phone signal jammer gps can be a good choice, not the key to solving problems.

  So the question we lack right now is "Do crime need jammers?"

  The answer is self-evident and yes, yes, they are used so much that they go and steal!

  The first question that arises is, what are they for?

  Given the many uses, it is necessary to create points:

  Burglars use jammers:

  The suppression of radio and cellular frequencies makes it impossible for telephone dialers to make emergency calls;

  Prohibition of radio and wifi frequencies means that images and videos from cameras transmitted wirelessly cannot be viewed;

  Suppression of GPS, LoJack and GSM frequencies means your vehicle cannot be located;

  Organised crime using jammers:

  Suppressing cellular frequencies, VHF UHF, etc. does not allow erroneous transmissions, making its installation useless;

  Suppression of GPS, LoJack, and GSM frequencies is essential not only for car thieves, but also for criminals who want to move without tracker issues under the car.

  Now comes the second question, why are you, like many others, giving anyone the chance to buy a jammer?

  teachers who ensure that their teaching phone jammers are not disturbed by the outside world;

  Tired of being interrupted by psychiatrists during therapy;

  No longer tolerate restaurateurs who see phone calls constantly distracting employees;

  Can't control the people who disturb you by talking nonsense in public;

  Because of course we can't answer the purpose of the customer's visit, that would be tantamount to condemning a grocery store owner for selling a knife that turned out to be a murder weapon.

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