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Mobile jammers are competition in the high-end electronics market

Perfectjammer 2020-10-12

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The birth of 4G / LTE provides users with faster access speeds. In fact, it is many times faster than 3G networks. It is not easy to want a remote 4G mobile phone jammer. Beginning in 2012, Ericsson began to conduct a small 4g test until it was widely used in France and France a few months later. At the same time, various 4G networks have been launched from O2 and Vodafone. Ericsson finally faces a lot of high-end competition. "She launched a separate 4G network, and the focus of the competition is to raise prices significantly. For a 3 French company in a different frequency band, it is conceivable that the technical difficulty of the 4G network. 4G signal mobile cell phone jammer are very common, and our website provides A variety of models are available.

Cell phone jammers or GSM jammers only obscure the GSM frequency band. The radio communication of the control unit and its components will not be affected because it will pass through the 433 and/or 868Mhz frequency bands. Therefore, thieves use GSM jammers to prevent alarms from being sent over the phone. In addition, the thief can also cut off the telephone line to ensure that the property does not sound the alarm. How to protect your siren from GSM interference The remedy is not good, and the siren manufacturer did not spend a long time developing countermeasures to respond.

4G 3G and WLAN are integrated together, which can transmit fast and high-quality data, audio, video and pictures. The download speed of 4G exceeds 100 Mbps, which is home ADSL ($4 billion). At present, the speed of broadband is increased by 25 times and can meet the wireless service requirements of almost all users; in addition, 4G DSL modems and cable TV cannot cover its deployment In the case of the region, it is clear that 4G has advantages.

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