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The Jammer Will Interrupt The Connection Between The Phone And The Base Station

Perfectjammer 2020-11-01

cell phone jammer

There is a device called a high-frequency jammer. The jammer may interrupt the two-way communication between the phone and the base station. Radio frequency jammers are fairly simple devices. The simplest cell phone jammer has only an on/off switch and an LED to indicate the power of the device. With external antenna. The smartphone electromagnetic wave cover allows the user to select the frequency required for interference. Disable the signal within the radius for a few seconds at startup. It can also be used in cars. It must be fully charged before use.

All electronic products such as smartphones emit "electromagnetic waves." Various studies have been conducted on the effects on the human body. People are increasingly worried about the danger of electromagnetic waves generated by smartphones. It can be used near the head. It will continue to be strongly affected by electromagnetic waves. There is a product called electromagnetic wave sleeve for smartphone. It can block electromagnetic waves. It reduces the adverse effects on the human body. Maximize the functions of your smartphone.

You can listen to the conversation wherever you like. Use this product in very important places because it will interfere with communication. In particular, you may block the communication between your mobile phone and PHS. Interfering radio waves that emit frequencies. Eavesdrop on the voyeur detector to prevent the phone from ringing Yes. The effect is expected.

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