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Basic Block Diagram Of Cell Phone

Monday Brad 2022-03-06

Because gasoline is a volatile substance, in the flammable gas danger zone formed by the leakage of oil and gas tanks and natural gas pipelines, radio frequency sparks generated by mobile phones can easily cause explosions and disasters. The phone itself does not have explosion-proof function. When the gas station fills the fuel tank of the car or motorcycle with gasoline through the fuel gun, the fuel vapor in the original empty fuel tank will drift outward, and the newly sprayed gasoline will also volatilize into the air, causing the fuel vapor density around the vehicle to refuel. Dramatic increase. At the same time, in order to make the communication signal clearer, the mobile phone uses a higher frequency and a relatively strong transmit power. Although they meet national standards, they also pose a serious threat to petrol and gas stations, which are now generally computer-controlled. , The high-intensity mobile phone signal will induce induction with computer equipment, and the electronic friction between the two may ignite the fuel vapor and cause an explosion in an instant. The current required to ignite the fuel vapor is very small, and the quiescent current generated by the mobile phone in the working state can reach this limit. If you encounter cloudy or foggy weather with high air humidity and low air pressure when refueling or unloading oil at the gas station, due to poor air circulation, the density of oil vapor will increase accordingly, and the possibility of mobile phone explosion will be greater. Increase. big. All interested can find Basic Block Diagram Of Cell Phone equipment at the gas station.

The school installed cell phone jammer in the dormitory. It's an internal control behavior, which is fine. Most cell phones these days are smartphones. Many students stay up all night playing with their phones. The second day of the course was very lacking in spirit, which affected learning. After installing Basic Block Diagram Of Cell Phone , students will no longer stay up late and feel much better the next day. Today, almost every student in the school has their own cell phone. To make matters worse, mobile phones have become the "weapon" of many students and teachers. The conversation found that most students use mobile phones to surf the Internet. Many students tend to listen to music and play video games in class. Often, while speaking in class, the phone suddenly rings and distracts. To make matters worse, some students use their phones to help cheat on exams. A new phenomenon of "cyberbullying" refers to the use of text messages and social networks by students to electronically torment others in class, according to reports.